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How to Break Through Content Clutter
How to Break Through Content Clutter

Do you ever feel as if your tried-and-true marketing efforts are just not working as well as they used to anymore? Well, you may not be imagining things. Today’s consumers, even in B2B, are bombarded 24/7 by literally thousands of competing marketing messages from a multitude...

The Case for Social Selling & How to be Successful
The Case for Social Selling & How to be Successful

Every minute, there are 350,000 tweets and 290,000 Facebook updates; every second, two new members join LinkedIn. These numbers are impressive, and they aren’t static or declining – they are growing rapidly. Today, prospects and customers are just a click away, and modern day companies...

Prescriptive Analytics for Sales Operations

Prescriptive analytics is an incredibly hot topic for sales operations professionals. Why? Sales operations is driven by the need to understand the reality of the sales funnel. Deep insight into what is working and what can be replicated is the hallmark of a good sales...

Crowdsourcing Content
5 Reasons for Crowdsourcing Content

Let's start with the obvious. Marketers need content. In fact, an Adobe study found that content marketing is the #1 priority for B2B marketers. Although 83% of B2B organizations regularly use content, 58% of them struggle to create good collateral. The challenge is not in...