How to tell if your Candyland Strain is Real or Fake

Are you worried about not being able to tell the difference between real and fake Candyland marijuana strains? Don’t worry—we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to spot a counterfeit and get the most out of your weed-buying experience. Read on for some sweet tips and tricks on how to make sure you’re getting the real deal!

Identifying Real Candyland Strain


Due to the increasing popularity of the Candyland strain, the demand has led to fake versions becoming available in some areas. In order to ensure that you are getting an authentic and top-quality product, it’s important to pay attention and take certain steps to identify what is genuine. Here are just a few ways to tell if your Candyland strain is real or fake.

  1. Appearance: Genuine Candyland buds will have a bright green color with hints of yellow, accompanied by plenty of orange hairs that may give the appearance of being almost black. Fake versions often lack this vibrant colored variation and will be much more dull in comparison.
  2. Smell: The smell of authentic strain is recognizable by – strong notes of pine, citrus and diesel fill your nose when you open up a dispensary jar or baggie containing the genuine article. Fake versions stand out for having a much subtler scent compared to an original version.
  3. Taste: It has been described as having a sweet yet savory flavor- it will hit your palate with a mix of fruits and herbs together but depending on its maturity level could also exhibit more savory tones like garlic or onion as well. Fakes don’t tend to pick up these kinds of flavors due to their lower profile in terms of terpene content- which is where most if not all flavor profiles come from in cannabis strains in general.
  4. High Quality: Genuine versions tend to generally have bud structure that maintains much denser foliage throughout each nugget as opposed to entries which can sometimes be found on black markets or other areas not authorized by licensed dispensaries. Low quality entry strains may contain elements such as seeds which indicate likelihood that they are not authentic versions being sold under false pretenses- always do thorough research before making any purchasing decisions when it comes down to cannabis flavonoids

Common Characteristics of Fake Candyland Strain


Before you make a purchase of this strain, be sure to check for these common characteristics of fake Candyland — the presence of any of these should send up a red flag.

  • Light Color : The most common trait of fake Candyland is its light color. While the authentic strain is usually light green with a tinge of purple, counterfeit versions can display just about any shade from dark green to tan.
  • Lackluster Smell : Genuine almost always has an earthy smell and sweet flavor that is not found in its counterfeits. Counterfeit versions may have a generic or earthy smell, but will lack the pungency and sweetness associated with the authentic strain.
  • Low Potency : Fake candyland typically lacks potency compared to real buds, as counterfeiters have been known to add fillers like stems and cheap leaf material in order to bulk up their product and increase profit margins. Authentic chunky buds tend to be more potent than airy versions.
  • Poor Quality: Counterfeiters will often skimp on quality ingredients when cultivating this strain; their products tend to have fewer trichome crystals than genuine plants do and may contain hints of additives like glycerin or propylene glycol that are not found in real buds. Additionally, they may contain pests or pathogens such as mildew or mold spores that must be removed before consuming the cannabis safely.

Being familiar with what characteristics differentiate real from false candyland is your best defense against being fooled by an inferior version of this prized marijuana strain—knowing how to identify these traits can save you time, money and might even save you from ingesting contaminated cannabis material!

Testing for Cannabinoid Content


This is one of the best ways of determining the authenticity and quality of this type of strain cannabis. Professional testing provides detailed information regarding not only the presence and concentration of cannabinoids, but also the ratio between them. Test results from a laboratory can pinpoint whether there are potential contaminants in your bud, such as mold or pesticides, which could pose a risk to your health. Additionally, lab results will reveal terpene concentrations in your bud and give you an idea of its aroma and flavor profile.

To accurately test cannabinoid content in cannabis, laboratories use techniques called chromatography and mass spectrometry. Chromatography separates compounds in a sample by their physical or chemical properties so that each component can be identified individually. Mass spectrometry is used to measure the exact amount of each compound that is present in the sample. Using these two techniques together allows scientists to accurately quantify different components like THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids found in Candyland strain cannabis.

Visual Examination


Real Candyland cannabis will have buds with bright green leaves and orange/red hairs, sometimes with purple hues. The trim should be evenly cut, as opposed to haphazardly done. It should also have a glossy appearance without any signs of mold or rot. Furthermore, when squeezed gently between the fingers, it should produce a pleasing aroma that is sweet but not overwhelming. The flavor of this strain will usually carry notes of pine and citrus fruits.

Fake types of this strain can be difficult to differentiate from the real thing as it is often grown using similar techniques, however there are several telltale signs of counterfeit product. They tend to have duller colors than the original strains, with paler greens and even yellowing parts. If customers are still hesitant about trusting visual cues alone then they can opt for third-party lab testing which can provide a more reliable assessment of the weed’s authenticity.


In conclusion, purchasing genuine medical cannabis or Candyland strain can be challenging due to the numerous fake products in circulation today. However, it’s possible to identify real products by confirming their origin, inspecting them properly, looking at packaging materials, checking expiration dates and seeking out verified distributors with outstanding reputations in the industry.