Top 6 Classic Boat Buying Tips – How To Avoid Rookie Mistakes!

Classic automobiles draw attention. Traditional boats halt traffic. Something about a well-preserved vintage boat or vintage runabout captures and keeps our interest. These enduring objects are undoubtedly lovely and, in some situations, still useful, but they also contain age-old secrets. Stepping aboard feels like sailing through the pages of history since they are treasure troves of maritime knowledge and traditional artistry.

When repaired, boats from the classic boat era are sometimes referred to as “vintage boats.” The phrase “vintage boat” is occasionally used to describe high-quality modern replica vessels built using traditional, “vintage-style” methods of engineering and layout, but that’s about as ambiguous as it gets.

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Classic Boat


Classic boats are constructed with a vintage aesthetic and are an enduring asset. The boat may be used for various purposes, whether individuals want to ride it alone, with their closest cousins, or with their dearest friends.

While embarking on a journey to buy vintage or classic boats, one should always start by looking at the current classic boat listing from a trusted website or dealer to get the best vessel.

Here are some tips one can consider while buying a classic boat:

Gather Information About The History Of The Boat And Who Constructed It

A phobia or a dream may result from the differences between one restorer and others. The best restorers are sure of their vessels and are always happy to talk about them and what happened to them. Some even provide assurances and guarantees in certain circumstances. The manufacturer may completely rebuild the boat. Knowing what individuals buy if they purchase an unrestored boat is necessary.

Contact A Broker

Find a broker after you are confident of your goals. Classic boat purchases on eBay or Craigslist might not produce the best outcomes. Nevertheless, one may find a lot of tiny fiberglass one-design yachts available on the internet or in the local newspaper. A broker is a better option for more significant or uncommon vessels. They should be familiar with the chronology of the ship, along with any initiatives at restoration, including how, where, and who performed the job.

Purchasing A New Classic Boat Or An Old Or Used One

Choosing whether someone wants a brand-new boat or is okay with becoming the second or third vessel proprietor is the following advice for getting the most excellent boat price. Individuals are not opting for less by choosing second or third-hand items. Instead, the yachts are utilized less due to these transactions, which lowers their cost.

Additionally, people have benefits like maintenance that are already done, so they do not need to pay extra for upkeep immediately after purchasing. The modern boards are made of fiber and metal as well. As a result, the cost of the trade is lower than the value of the advantages received.

Check The Boats Gear

The equipment is one of the most crucial things to consider when purchasing a sailboat. An elderly couple in reasonable shape may sail a 60-footer overseas with the proper equipment, including electronic motors for furling pipework or halyards. However, such a boat’s annual running and repair expenditures might be close to six figures. Most traveling is done aboard 40-foot boats that are cheap and equipped with standard equipment.

It Is A Clever Idea To Purchase During Off-Season

Buying a boat off-season may save anyone a ton of dollars. Look beyond the immediate neighborhood and comparison shop to obtain the most excellent price because the buyer has to tow it back. Boat Trader is an excellent place to look for antique sailboats and obtain a pricing range. Set a spending limit and avoid acquiring a construction boat. Make sure to buy soon enough to test the ocean before making a purchase.

Obtain Financing For The Boat From A Maritime Lender

Always employ a marine lender rather than a traditional bank if someone needs to finance a boat. Banks need to comprehend the product, in contrast to maritime lenders. Boats occupy a peculiar middle position in finance, halfway between a vehicle and a house. Boats lose value over time, just like vehicles; however, like summer houses, the debt is typically tax deductible.

Marine lenders face intense competition despite serving a particular sector. Therefore, conduct the research to obtain the finest financing options.

Things To Do To Maintain The Boat And Keep It In The Best Condition


For the boat to remain in excellent shape for many years, adequate care is essential. Wooden boats need maintenance; if someone needs to learn how to handle it right, they can do more harm than help.

Some essential tips are listed below:

Always Keep The Boat Dry

Maintaining wood around a house makes keeping it dry simple and straightforward. After all, one would quickly realize that one needed to take action if one discovered wet, decaying wood on the roof. It can be more difficult to find a wooden boat. But maintaining the dryness of the wood is still crucial.

One crucial point to remember is that one must also be aware of the areas where damp wood is vulnerable to the air. Given that a large portion of it is sealed off from the wind, it is feasible to maintain a wooden boat submerged in the sea without it rotting. But in the case of the boat’s bottom, for instance, moisture and circulation necessitate very close attention.

Salt Water Sailboat Upkeep

Freshwater boat management and saltwater boat upkeep are two different things. Boats struggle more in salt water. It may corrode and destroy considerably more quickly than freshwater. As a result, one must cleanse the boat 24 hours after entering freshwater. Boats may rust fast from salt deposits. Just as fast, one should clean the motor.



The beauty of vintage boats is classic. Even if one doesn’t enjoy boating much, witnessing a Chris Craft, Stanley, Elco, or another vintage boat manufacturer in excellent condition always elicits at least compliments and frequently low whistles and praises. Not just the enthusiasts among us appear to be moved by the elegance of these vessels. Several of these vessels were built by designers first and boat constructors second when they were initially created. This led to the creation of yachts that are not only functional and long-lasting but also genuine pieces of living art.