Top 9 Companies for Electronics Design Development

Nowadays, everybody has an opportunity to create new devices and high-quality electronics designs for improving people’s lives. And it’s not obligatory to be a professional engineer or developer to do it, since there are a lot of companies that provide electronics design services or can create a product according to your requirements.

The range of electronics design services is really wide: starting with the data collection and writing specifications to preparing for mass production and certification procedures.

Let’s look at the top 5 electronics design firms that have got a high review rating according to Clutch.

1. AJProTech, USA, Los Angeles


AJProTech team provides full-cycle electronics design services including product specification, developing engineering samples, and preparing for mass production.

This company has versatile experience in building consumer electronics, IoT devices, industrial electronics design, power electronics. Besides, the company provides services of industrial design, mechanical development, and building enclosure. So, you can have your product fully developed within one team.

2. Mako Design + Invent, USA, Austin, TX

This company specializes in building electronics designs for inventors, start-ups, and small manufacturers. This team can help you create your product from an idea to market.

The team’s electronics design services include product design and development, industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, and patenting.

2. Consonance, Kraków, Poland


Consonance team develops custom medical devices from scratch and specializes in MedTech products. The company provides such services as prototyping, electronic and mechanical engineering, medical device manufacturing, and CE and ISO 13485 support.

So, this team can help you create your medical solution from an idea to mass production.

4. 4DESIGN, Surry Hills, Australia

This firm creates custom solutions for business, medicine, consumer electronics, mining, transport, infrastructure, sports, and defense fields.

They are strong at industrial design development, engineering, prototyping, preparing for manufacturing, and helping startups.

5. Voler Systems, Sunnyvale, CA


Voler Systems company provides electronics design services for creating medical, wearable, and IoT devices and this is their core expertise. Their team has deep knowledge of sensors, wireless interfaces, power management, and medical certification standards.

The electronics design services they provide are analogue/digital circuit design, embedded systems with FPGA development, prototyping, and preparing for manufacturing.

As we see, you can find a company that can help you create any product for a wide range of industries, or you can select a firm that specializes in building products for one or two fields.

6. EInfochips

EInfochips is a major electronics manufacturer in the design market, with its offices located in the USA and India. They offer a wide range of services, including device engineering, software development, quality, and silicon engineering. Their team developed over 500 products. The company has been providing technology and services in various industries. They’ve worked with companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Siemens, and Toshiba to name a few.

7. AVL, Austria


AVL, Austria is one of the largest independent market players in the automotive industry that offers a wide range of services. The company specializes in solutions for reducing CO2 but also has expertise in aviation and construction equipment development.

AVL has been in business since 1948 and is headquartered in Austria. It has offices located on all continents and welcomes global partnerships with agencies, companies, and individuals. The company offers a variety of services including electronics design development, testing solutions, simulation solutions and tools, prototype manufacturing, and industrial manufacturing. AVL is well known for its expertise in autonomous driving and battery technology.

8. Promwad

Promwad is one of the top electronics design development companies in the world. They have more than 17 years of experience, and their specialty is in digital TV and multimedia. They’ve worked on projects for utilities, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, telecommunications, and much more. They have worked with industry leaders and niche companies alike and have over 350 successful projects in their portfolio. Among their partners are such companies as Realtek, TI, and Analog Devices.

In addition to hardware and software design services, Promwad also offers custom enclosure design, PCB manufacturing and assembly, and production launch assistance. They can help you bring your project from concept to market quickly and efficiently.

9. Softeq


Softeq is a company that specializes in custom hardware and software design, maintenance and support, embedded systems development, prototyping and PoC, low-level programming, mobile, IoT, and cloud solutions development. Softeq, Inc. is one of the largest firms in Houston, USA. The company currently has divisions in Lithuania and Belarus where its development departments work with other leading digital product companies. It offers full-stack services for both hardware and software design and development all under one roof. Softerq specializes in early-stage product and concept development – a feature that small and large businesses find useful when they need to secure the right developer for their custom project.

Notable clients of Softeq include Microsoft, Lenovo, AMD, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and others. Some of Softeq’s popular products include the Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop computer and the Dell Latitude E6430 laptop computer.


If you’re interested in becoming an electronics designer, it’s important to research the top companies out there. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the best companies for electronic design development, based on our personal experience and feedback from others in the industry. Whether you’re new to designing electronics or you’re a seasoned pro, these are definitely the companies worth looking into. So what are you waiting for? Start your search today!