Content & Document Management for Sales and Marketing

Document management and content management are powerful sales tools. By arming sales teams with effective documents, like eBooks, case studies, and datasheets, sales people can communicate effectively with prospects. And by giving sales teams tools like videos, sales guidance, and competitive information, they have content that helps engage and advance prospects.

How Are Content Management and Document Management Sales Tools?

Analyst estimates show that up to 95% of successful sales were influenced by sales content and sales documents. That means it is an imperative sales enablement activity for marketing to get these documents into sales people’s hands.

That’s no wonder considering that two-thirds of buyers are not happy with the sales people that sell to them. They simply don’t see value. What does it take for sales people to give value back to their buyers? It requires interesting information that compels a buyer to change. That kind of information comes best from engaging content and documents.

Currently 30% of the average sales person’s time is spent looking for or creating new sales content and documents. Managers need to address this challenge by pushing great content to their teams. Not waiting for sales people to search for content, but rather getting the best content to them when they need it most.

Effective content management and document management tools help sales teams to find their content. Let’s see how you should structure your content management and document management approach to help sales teams:

Organize content by sales process. Match your content and documents to elements like sales stage, buyer persona, and product so that content is easy for sales people to find.

Push content where sales people live. They don’t want to leave their favorite tools (their CRM!) to find your portal. Push content into their sales records, like in, for easy discovery.

Measure content effectiveness. Content isn’t effective just because it’s been downloaded by internal sales people. It’s effective when it has results in the field. Measure the results of your content by looking at how engaged your prospects and customers are with your content. Then invest in those documents.

By looking at document management and content management from the perspective of your sales team you can help get your biggest content channel on board and using your great documents. See a demonstration of KnowledgeTree in action now!