Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Man United: What are His Options?

For fans, football is not only a game but an emotion. And no one has ever thought they would hear these words, “Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United “by mutual consent. Well, this is a heartbreak for Manchester United, but the fans of other clubs have hope as now this termination of contract has made him formally a free agent. It started with his controversial interview, where he accused the team of betrayal. At the same time, Ronaldo’s immediate attention is on the ongoing World Cup in Qatar, where Portugal is playing. However, there is speculation about the 37-year-old old’s future. So, where will Cristiano go? Let’s look at his options.

1. Liga Nos Club


Is it time for him to fly back home? Well, his most recent trip home to Old Trafford resulted in disappointment; therefore, his best possible outcome might be a move back to the team where he first played.

The Liga Nos club cannot meet his present salaries; however, there is a potential that he would be prepared to accept that in exchange for the opportunity to play in his own country.

2. Atletico Madrid

By winning four Champions League championships at the Bernabeu and setting a record for goals scored while wearing white, Cristiano Ronaldo cemented his place in the records of Atletico Madrid’s primary opponents. If one looks at the history, he eliminated Atleti from the competition from 2014 to 2017. He helped defeat them twice in finals and once in a semifinal. In 2018 he destroyed them with an incredible second-leg hat trick. But when rumors of the star’s displeasure initially surfaced in the summer, Atletico Madrid was frequently mentioned in connection with the player.

To get the most out of Ronaldo, Diego Simeone has a history of recruiting aging forwards. Ronaldo would probably be paired with either Antoine Griezmann or Joao Felix. What’s the issue? The proposed deal was fiercely opposed by fans, and El Cholo has now ruled out the chance of getting the superstar. This one appears to be doomed for the time being, but a lot can still happen in the drama.

3. MLS


Perhaps it’s time for him to expand his brand to the US and establish himself as the most significant player in MLS history. Although they could not match his fees, there is speculation whether his days of competing in the Champions League are finished. Though, the opportunity to relocate to the largest market worldwide off the field and embark on a new journey would be appealing to a man with more than 500 million Instagram followers.

There are rumors that Inter Miami might make a move for Cristiano. Messi and Ronaldo were mentioned as potential targets by the club in an interview given by its co-owner David Beckham. Who doesn’t know David Beckham, the former United player? In an interview in 2020, he stated that his team is eyeing Messi and Ronaldo, highlighting his team’s aspiration to be a global force.

4. Chelsea

It is well known that Todd Boehly requested Cristiano Ronaldo from Thomas Tuchel in the summer. Now, there are chances that Boehly would pursue Ronaldo once again. Tuchel is no longer in charge, and the star is free to sign for anyone. But, one cannot be sure about this. Chelsea, to fill Cristanio’s position, has already signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The club is rumored to have reached an agreement to recruit Christopher Nkunku from RB Leipzig after the current campaign.

So, there are questions about how Cristanio would fit into this Chelsea lineup. It depends on will Graham wants Cristanio on his team. Graham was successful at Brighton by using Danny Welbeck as the central striker, and when it comes to Welbeck, he has practically the same skills. It doesn’t seem like acquiring Ronald, who disrupted the peace of squad both off and on the field, might not be the best course of action for Chelsea.

5. Paris Saint-Germain


Well, one club that can easily afford Cristanio is Paris Saint-Germain. It will be a treat for fans if Ronaldo joins this club as the idea of Messi and Ronaldo. However, this will be only possible if Neymar leaves Paris Saint-Germain this summer. But that is highly unlikely. The first reason is the probable and high fees that Neymar would demand. Of course, everything is imaginable in the diverse environment of the transfer season.

If Neymar leaves, Ronaldo will have the opportunity to replace him. A further consideration is whether Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the chairman, would want such a star despite his remarks to Le Parisien.

6. Real Madrid

It goes without saying that Ronaldo had the best time of his career with Real Madrid. At Real Madrid, Ronaldo has a great legacy. He exceeded expectations when wearing the White jersey and even won the Ballon d’Or four times while playing for Santiago Bernabeu.

He spent eight years there, winning four Champions League titles. So, will he go back there? Real Madrid has shined this season, but after Karim Benzema suffered an injury, they will have to look at striker possibilities in January. Who can be an excellent fit for the team? Ronaldo might be the ideal fit.

It is simple to understand why the supporters would like him to return to Real Madrid. When he shockingly left the club in 2018, the fans never had the chance to bid farewell to him. However, one has to question whether Real Madrid would benefit from acquiring him now.


This is the second time Ronaldo has left Manchester United. The first, in 2009, went to Real Madrid for a then-record-breaking £80 million. He departed for nothing this time. It goes without saying that this Portugal player had a remarkable career, guiding his nation to victory at Euro 2016. He also won the Ballon d’Or five times and the Champions League five times. Even though he has left Manchester United, fans will always want to see him play and shine. So, let’s see where his next journey will take him too.