Discover effective content anywhere. Triple content use by sales.

Organize Content Efficiently

Catalog your content to match your sales and marketing processes.

  • Add metadata or use our industry standards to organize content.
  • Tailor categories and recommendations to match your business model.
  • Link your content suggestions to what your sales team knows — based on your model.
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Discover Sales Content Quickly

Help sales teams find and use content they need — saving 30% of their core selling time.

  • Search for content by key metadata, including by sales process.
  • Browse and search from, email, and browser.
  • Push content recommendations to reps without them even needing to search!
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Control Content Access

Keep content secure with enterprise-grade management tools.

  • Provide access to the right people on your team.
  • Grant access to specific folders and files by team — leveraging the profiles you’ve already built in Salesforce.
  • Audit access to your content to stay on top of compliance.
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