How to Download the Best Sportsbook Mobile App

Since the US Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018, over 30 states have made online sports betting legal. There have been new sportsbooks springing up all over the country – and established betting firms trying to cash in on this new market.

The big sporting events always attract a lot of new customers and the soccer World Cup in Qatar is proving very popular. Finding the right sportsbook is very important – and you can get some help from the experts at But you should also look into using an app for your betting. It is fast becoming the most popular way of betting and all the best sportsbooks have a downloadable app.

Here’s what you should be looking out for when you are considering which app to download.

Is it Legal?


This might seem like an obvious factor to take into consideration. But, even though there are huge areas of the US where sports betting is legal now – there are some states that have either not pushed the gambling laws through, or have kept betting illegal for now.

It is very easy to check whether sports betting is legal or not in your location. But if you are not sure, just remember whether you have seen any gambling ads recently. Competition is fierce where the laws have been eased, so if that is the case you would definitely know about it!

Welcome Offer

Once you have ascertained that betting is legal where you live, you will want to get hold of the best sportsbook app possible. There are other important factors to take into account, but the size of the welcome bonus is still a good place to start. Sportsbooks will offer free bets, deposit matches and more to get your custom.

When you are looking at the bonuses on offer, do make sure that you are taking notice of the terms and conditions. You should know just what you are required to do to claim the bonus. Also, check the offers for existing customers. It is a very good way of seeing how much your business is appreciated.

Different Types of Sportsbook Mobile Apps

As today’s technology and mobile devices continue to evolve, so do the options for sports betting. On both Android and iOS stores, you can find a variety of sportsbook apps in different categories.

Real-Money Sportsbooks: These are the most common type of sportsbook mobile app, allowing for real-money wagers and lines on different sporting events. Most of them in this category require a registration process before using, which includes verifying personal information and uploading payment information to an account.

Free-to-Play Sportsbook: Free sportsbook apps are more geared toward entertainment purposes than actually placing any bets. Browsing available lines and matches is possible without an account or payment methods being required, but actual bets will require money to be deposited into an account.

Fantasy Sports App: Generally belonging within their own separate category, fantasy sports have grown more popular than ever as a spinoff of traditional sports betting offerings. This type of app allows users to create leagues with other people or play alone against computer simulations -all from the comfort of their own smartphone device.

Live Betting Options


The betting markets and odds are obviously very important when it comes to making a decision about downloading a betting app. But it is the live betting options that you should really take a close look at. This is when you can bet on sporting events that have already started – and it is probably the most popular section of any app.

Any good sportsbook app will highlight the live betting markets on the first screens that you see. The events are going on at the time you are searching, so you don’t have time to waste trying to search for them. Check if there is plenty of choice and that it is easy to actually place a quick bet.

Navigation and Speed

Just like any online site, betting apps absolutely have to work quickly. If anything, this is an even more important factor for a live betting app, as you need to know that you can get the best of the ever-changing odds. Making your selections and placing your bets needs to be a speedy process.

That also means that the navigation tools must be intuitive and ultra-responsive. Finding the right market and the best odds is key to any chance of successful betting. You may need to consult the expert review sites here, as you will have to register for an account to actually place a bet.

Android and iOS


There are regions in the world where either Apple or Android products are more popular than the other. But any good online sportsbook should offer a free, downloadable mobile app on both of these platforms – at the very least. You may only have one phone now, but when you upgrade you may need the app for the other.

Offering a betting app for both Android and iOS devices is also a good sign of how a sportsbook views itself. You want an online bookmaker that thinks big and provides an extensive service for its customers. Betting apps are fast becoming the way most people bet – so this is where the industry is heading.