Who is the Favored Team to Win the Tournament of Super Bowl 2024?

After defeating the strong football team, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Rams of Los Angeles, became the tournament champion. This event happened at SoFi Stadium, and this team has created history. People are eager to watch the 2024 tournament, and the participating teams have already become their favorites.

But everyone is eager to determine the winning team as people are betting on their favorite teams. The upcoming football season is quite interesting for worldwide viewers. A team with perfect odds is quite favored, with better-winning chances in the tournament.

This write-up involves the discussion of the upcoming Super Bowl tournament, in which the favored team is mentioned. You must compare the Super Bowl odds of different participating teams and decide on the perfect team for betting.

Which Team is Your Favorite in the Super Bowl?

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If you check the odds mentioned by Caesar on Feb 13, KCC has a better chance of winning the 2024 season of this tournament. Due to +650 odds, you can find this team as a favored, and it can easily win the tournament of Super Bowl 2024.

The Chiefs are already a strong contender participating team, and it is not easy to give a tough fight against them. It is the same case for the Buffalo Bills, which holds +700 odds. There is a slight difference in their odds, but you can call both teams a favorite for winning this tournament.

In Josh Allen, the team Bills provide a fantastic leg over the significant league chunk. Currently, it is ranking high without Tre’Davious White, along with payoffs. When they get this player back and retool the main areas in the mentioned depth chart, the Buffalo Bills will come back in the discussion of the Super Bowl tournament.

What Happened in the 2024 Season?

In the 2024 season, the Rams of Los Angeles defeated the CB, defending champions of the AFC poorly. The winning team was mentioned in this tournament’s list of best odds. The main credit for the Rams’ victory is applicable to Joe Burrow, who knocked down the Bengals and then won the championship.

In 2018, the New England Patriots lost the game, and they returned and tried their luck to win the tournament this year. You can easily compare the odds of other teams to check how they get into the competition with reasonable confidence.

2024 Winner

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In the last two decades, the Rams of Los Angeles won the Super Bowl tournament. People who prayed for their victory are enjoying and celebrating their winning bets. If the LA Rams are your favorite team, you can celebrate their victory by buying jerseys with player signatures, hats, etc.

But if we talk about the winner of the 2024 season, the favorite odds are different. You must check the team’s current performance to choose a favored team to make any bet. One cannot blindly rely on any team who won the 2024 season.

Top Favored Teams

1. Buffalo Bills

Anyone compares the playoff berth of the clinching Bills this previous weekend, this team is considered solid enough as they can continuously win different game matches. Even if they are bangled, they can find plenty of ways to win and face other strong teams in the playoff.

It is one of the main reasons they are considered the favorite, and it is placed over the top. The total odds of this team are +375, and one can bet $100 to get $475.

2. Philadelphia Eagles

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Next weekend, the team will play the match without the participation of Jalen Hurts. This weekend, you will observe that the Eagles played intending to win close games even when things were not working for them.

The team finished the season with only two losses without a strong player. The Eagles are also a strong team in this season’s league, and it is hard to defeat them. Due to +500 odds, you can make $600 if you bet $100.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Though it is a favored team in the Super Bowl tournament this weekend, they are totally behind the Eagles and trying their best to come forward. They had the ability to dominate the Texans, but due to their mistake, they slipped off and lost the match.

But overall, they managed to get an overtime win, and they will clinch their current division. The Kansas odds are +550, and one can make $650 if he bets $100.

4. San Francisco 49ERS

This team is solid even after losing QB1 and QB2. There are perfect chances of winning for this team, and you can dedicate your attention to the players of the San Francisco team for betting. The solid players are Brock Purdy and Kyle Shanahan.

They are doing well by using their effective weapons. It is a worthy team with a strong base. The odds are +700, and one can win $800 by betting $100.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

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This team lost the 2024 season of the tournament of Super Bowl to the LA Rams, but it is still counted as one of the favored teams in 2024. In a row, it is the sixth win because of Joe Burrow’s impressive performance.

The players are doing as well as they did in the previous season and are still figuring out their playoffs. It is hard to replace this solid team in the long run. If you bet $100 on CB, you can get $900 due to the +800 odds.

The Bottom Line

All the above five football teams are considered favored for the 2024 Super Bowl tournament. These teams are performing well and stick to their position for the long run. Considering what other fans are saying about the favored team, it is the Kansas City Chiefs.

You can compare the odds and make bets accordingly. This season, you cannot underestimate any team because they perform well beyond the imagination. You must decide on the favored team and go ahead with the winning bets per your instincts.