Can Invisalign Cause Bad Breath & Dry Mouth? 7 Things To Know

Invisalign is a discreet technology to align uneven teeth in the least complicated way. To smile with confidence, everyone aspires to a beautiful set of teeth. Teeth alignment issues are commonly found condition among the world population. Previously it was the regular braces attached to the teeth row to rectify the alignment of the tooth. The process itself was painful and time-oriented.

Technology has brought up excellent oral treatments that suit the rhythm of lives in the 21st century. Invisalign is one among them. It helps to recover the bumpy, jagged, or uneven teeth line typically treated among teenagers.

Various dental helplines provide free dental examinations before deciding on the Invisalign customized fixation. Compared to the conventional way of treating crooked teeth, Invisalign is a convenient solution to realign the teeth line.

Smiling is one’s confidence and charm. To keep it presentable, one must care for dental health, hygiene and perfection. Technology has brought various treatment patterns for dental health and hygiene.

Invisalign vs Regular Braces


The name ‘Invisalign’ is born out of two words, invisible and aligner. It is as clear as glass and an effortless device for regular use. It is also known as invisible braces made of medically graded plastic to provide pressure on uneven teeth, directing them to the urging position.

Braces are the traditional technology to correct the alignment of the teeth. But it has several drawbacks which lead people to quit the system opting for the substitutional but with comfort.

The Benefits Of Invisalign Upon Braces

  • Technologically driven dental care centers supervise minor dental alignment issues confronted by teenagers. Currently,¬†orthodontists¬†prescribe Invisalign as a decent solution for minor alignment issues widely seen in boys and girls. Transparent and removable aligners are in high demand as they are user-friendly.
  • The transparent appearance of Invisaligners attracts more people as they are least visible from a distance in correspondence to regular braces. Thus, nowadays, it is a much-celebrated, effortless, intelligent orthodontic device in the dental health sector.
  • They are comfortable to use and clean as they can be removed and washed whenever needed. The user may face minimum discomfort while repositioning the teeth line, but they are essentially off with the painful experience encountered by traditional teeth braces.
  • These aligners are easy to remove while brushing or flossing, making them a better choice for the new generation. Unlike the conventional ones, there are no prolonged and tedious cleaning steps for transparent braces.
  • There are no diet barriers for Invisalign users. Any hard and chewy food is not a threat to these transparent, aligned users. They only have to remove the aligner before having desired food despite avoiding them.
  • Only occasional orthodontic visits are required. Typically frequent orthodontic visits are mandatory, but while using transparent aligners, fewer visits are needed. This facility saves money and energy spent comparatively.

Major Drawbacks Of Invisalign

  • Transparent aligners do not suit every tooth’s conditions. It resolves minor tooth problems but is doubtful about fixing major dental issues.
  • The users have to remove the aligning trays while chewing any food, or else the transparency of the trays may fade over time. Even hot food can cause serious harm to the transparent teeth trays.
  • People have to wear these aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. It demands a disciplined lifestyle to maintain the time frame instructed by the device. Kids may lose the aligners, which leads to unwanted money loss.
  • Those who need to improve oral hygiene may face challenges like bad breath and stained teeth trays during the teeth aligning period with the Invisalign. To avoid such hygiene issues, one must brush the teeth frequently, which is impossible every time as most individuals snack throughout the day.
  • The transparent teeth aligners cause dry mouth due to the plastic fixed in the mouth for more than 20 hrs a day. This situation annoys the users and tempts them to remove the device frequently.

Simple Steps To Dodge The Flaws Of An Invisalign


Hydrate the mouth with pure drinking water frequently throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water keeps the mouth wet and avoids unwanted dryness that tempts the users to remove the brace on and on. The human body demands about 5 to 6 liters of water per day.

A more pleasing dental hygiene can save the users from bad breath and other dental issues faced in the alignment period of the teeth. Brushing and flossing teeth after every meal is highly recommendable for transparent brace users. Otherwise, the food particles can get stuck between teeth and attract germs that create a foul smell and leads to bad breath.

One should maintain the aligners neat and clean. Everyday flushing the washing of the removable braces with medical solutions and water is a profound need to avoid foul mouth odor. The users must be thoughtful enough to sidestep eating anything while the braces are in. They should only drink water when the braces are on.

Ensure that the edible liquids consumed should be lukewarm, not hot, as they can wrap the plastic quickly. Even hot soup or hot tea, or coffee can damage the aligners. The wearers must be favorably conscious to avoid such problems.

Once someone is under the teeth-aligning process, they must stop having caffeine or tobacco to eradicate dry mouth to some extent. Tobacco consumption can cause dry mouth issues, whether cigarettes, hookah, or chewing. If not a smoker, caffeine intake can also reward a dry mouth condition that brings botheration wearing a transparent teeth tray brace.

Even though frequent brushing and flossing are not promising results in improving mouth odor, one must use medicated mouthwash or unique oral solutions to get the desired result. There are exclusive oral washes to redeem the dry moth conditions among transparent align users.

Keeping the tongue is also very important to overcome Invisalign’s bad breath. After every meal, one must brush the tongue to evade lousy breath or foul mouth odor. Drinking green tea keeps the breath fresh and pleasant.



Teeth alignment may not be a serious health issue but a condition that may kill someone’s confidence level and free mind to mingle socially without any complexity. To keep the social balance at ease, one has to improvise on dental features out of minimal yet powerful efforts. A beautiful smile can solve numerous troubles in one’s life. Invisalign is one modern technology that should be supported with a lot of dedication and discipline over a fixed period.