How to Make Your Date Night More Exciting for You

If you are about to head off on a date night, you might be wondering how to spice them up a bit and prevent them from becoming dull or mundane. When you’ve been in a relationship for a while or dated for several months, it can be hard to make every date night new and exciting. Of course, sometimes safe, comfortable date nights are great – just focusing on enjoying each other’s company. However, if you live together, making date night special and not just a normal night can be hard. It’s important to make the effort so that each person in the relationship feels considered and valued. As such, here are some of the best ways that you can make your next date night not just exciting for your partner but for you as well.

1. Buy New Lingerie


If you want to make your date night more exciting and ensure that you feel glamorous throughout the evening, you should consider buying sexy lingerie for yourself. Not only can this make you feel more attractive, but it can also help you to be more confident in your body and your appearance. It also means that you’re thinking about and planning for the night well in advance, making it more of an occasion and not something which simply happens. As such, you should consider buying some sexy lingerie for yourself, whether you think your partner will care or not. This can then help you to be more excited about getting the romance going and can help to initiate a spark between you and your date. To find great lingerie, you should head to websites such as Wild Crush, which has a wide selection.

2. Go Somewhere New


If you are looking to jazz up your date nights, you should also consider going somewhere new for the date. For instance, rather than going to the same restaurant every time with your partner and eating the same food, you should instead speak to them about visiting a new restaurant or even skipping a restaurant altogether and going to the theatre, going to see a film, or even going on a picnic. This can then keep your dates feeling fresh and new and will ensure that you can make new memories together that can strengthen your connection. You should also make sure that you plan dates that you are both interested in, or that you each have a chance to choose where you will next go on a date. If you’re not sure what to try first, how about changing the timing of your date? Having a morning date over breakfast or one in the middle of the afternoon might make you think harder about what is available for you to do. Another good approach would be to choose a place you don’t normally go to, perhaps a nearby town in the opposite direction to your normal routes. It doesn’t really matter if it turns out to be rubbish – you’re creating a memory and spending time bonding; that’s what’s important.

3. Create a Mood


You should also focus on creating ambiance on your date, especially if you are hosting date night at home. For instance, you might consider lighting candles around your home or dimming the lights, or you might want to diffuse scented oils. You might also consider cooking romantic and aphrodisiac foods and dishes that can help to get you both in the mood for love and that can help you to forget the stresses of the day. If you’re staying home, why not set a start time for the date, and before then, both of you make sure the place is clear and tidy? That way, you won’t see jobs everywhere when you’re trying to relax. You could also use pillows and blankets to make the space extra cozy and a bit different to normal. Don’t forget about music either – you could get some of your favorite music playing or tracks that remind you of events in your life.

4. Get Dressed Up

You could also make your date night feel classier and more sophisticated by getting dressed up for the occasion rather than wearing the first item that you pull out of your wardrobe. For instance, you might decide to wear a sophisticated, figure-hugging dress with high heels or even a flattering suit that is suitable for evening wear. This can then help you to feel wonderful and can prevent you from being hampered by feelings of worry or self-doubt about yourself and your appearance. It also means that you are making an effort for your significant other – it highlights how much you still respect them and want to impress them. But, of course, this only works if you both agree to do it. If one of you goes all out and the other thinks it’s just a trip to the place down the road, then your date will start out with an argument. The best approach is just to state it out loud – no hints or implications – ‘this is a nice place; I want us to dress up a little’.

Naturally, if your date plan is to have a wander around some woods and stop at a local café, then dressing up in black tie isn’t suitable. You should make sure that you’re dressed in appropriate clothing so that you can stay as long as either of you wants to and aren’t forced to come home early because you are uncomfortable from wet feet.

As such, if you are planning to go on a date night soon, you can make sure that you make it as exciting as possible by investing in great lingerie and by getting dressed up for the occasion, as well as ensuring that you pick a date night that will inspire love and romance between you and your date. Date nights are important in relationships as they make sure you are dedicating time purely to each other – without the rest of life getting in the way. Why not put a bit more effort into your next one and make it a special time to remember?