Miriam Amirault Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

You might be familiar with Miriam Amirault if you are into Archeology. She works as a professional archeologist at the University of New Brunswick and has worked on television too. Her modeling projects were the reason she got famous at such a young age. You can refer to the article if interested to know Miriam Amirault’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki. All the details are mentioned for the fans as she is not active on her social media accounts for the past six months.

Miriam Amirault Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki


Miriam Amirault, a professional archeologist, and a television personality was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. She follows Christianity and graduated from high school near her home. After high school, she went to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and graduated with a major in archeology. The details about her parents and siblings are not publicly disclosed by the television personality yet.

Her official Instagram account is still not known by the fans. She has a Facebook page where she shares her pictures with friends and family members. She started working as a model during her time at university. Different modeling agencies approached her to which she agreed and started her career as a model too.

Personal Life

The television celebrity and a professional archeologist, Miriam Amirault has not shared her relationship status yet. She is assumed to be single as no official statement is given by her. The fans eagerly waited for Miriam to announce her relationship status as rumors were being circulated that she is dating Alex Lagina. Both of them worked as co-stars in “The Curse of Oak Island” after which the couple was rumored to be together.

None of the actors has accepted or denied the news of them being together. Although her official Instagram account is still not found, she has a Facebook page. People follow her and enjoy watching her pictures on the feed. Her account shows that she is a travel enthusiast and a pet lover. The young model likes to travel and does swimming too. She is into gymnastics as well which might be the reason for her great body.

Career/TV Shows

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As mentioned above, Miriam started modeling at a very young age when she was a university student. She had a great interest in acting and modeling since her childhood. This was the reason she agreed to the modeling offers while she was still studying. After being signed by many agencies, she got famous and was offered acting projects too. Miriam is creative and loves exploring different fields.

She worked in “The Curse of Oak Island” eight years back in 2014 which became the reason for her popularity. She was liked and appreciated by people so she made her way to the next season “The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down” in 2015. After the success of both seasons, she kept making appearances on television and mesmerized the fans with her stellar performance.


Miriam appeared in two seasons of “The Curse of Oak Island ” and stunned the fans with her personality and performance. The young model and entertainer is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. She was interested in acting and modeling and her height was a plus point for her. Miriam has a great fashion sense and impresses fans with her pictures too. Many young girls look up to her and try to follow in her footsteps in almost everything.


The Canadian-born model and television celebrity, Miriam Amirault weighs almost 57 kg. She has maintained her body well and is involved in many sports activities. As mentioned above, she does swimming and gymnastics too. This can be the reason the fans did not notice much change in her physical appearance to date. She is an inspiration for all the young people out there to pursue their dreams without leaving their education.

Age and Birthday

According to the sources, Miriam Amirault was born in 1998 in Canada but her birthday is not known. She keeps her life private so the details regarding her age and birthday might not be true. Miriam is 24 years old as per the date mentioned above. She now lives in Toronto, Ontario, and celebrates her birthday with close family and friends only. The television personality makes sure that all the details about her life are kept a secret.

Net Worth

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Miriam Amirault, the television celebrity and a professional archeologist has a total net worth of almost $700K to $900K. She worked in “The Curse of Oak Island” for two consecutive seasons in 2014 and 2015. Her show still runs on television and she gets the premium too. She studied archeology and works as a professional archeologist now.

Miriam’s show was a great success after which she kept on making public appearances too. She also launched a YouTube channel in collaboration with other celebrities a few years back. The channel was named “Our Journey” and was used to upload funny videos made by different celebrities including Baby Ariel.

Although the last video on the YouTube channel was uploaded back in July 2016 it had a million views. She has signed many modeling projects since she was a student and is still doing them. Miriam Amirault works at the NBU too as a professional archeologist. Hence she has a good monthly income and all these sources add up money to her net worth.


Is Miriam Amirault married?

No, Miriam Amirault is not married. She is still single and has not officially declared her relationship status. The archeologist and model like to keep her life private and away from the media.

Will Miriam be back on Oak Island?

The fans want Miriam to return to one of their favorite shows but there is no official news yet. She appeared on Season 9 in 2015. The makers have not confirmed the news of her return, which is sad for her fans.

Where is Miriam Amirault from?

Miriam Amirault is a Canadian national and was born in Digby, Nova Scotia. She was born in 1998 as per the sources and is now 24 years old.


All the information regarding the young archeologist and model Miriam Amirault’s height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, and wiki are given in the article. You can read the article carefully to know every detail about her. She has not been active on her Facebook account since December 2024. I hope this article was helpful for all the new followers of the young entertainer/archeologist.