6 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Ormus Gold

In ancient medicine, several natural substances like rocks, minerals, and parts of animals and plants were used to heal humans. Ancient medical practices of China used body parts (teeth and blood) of pangolins to cure many diseases.

Likewise, the ancient civilizations in the South American region (Amazon forest) used wild mushrooms to cure many ailments. Many of these medical practices have gained a lot of popularity in the twenty-first century because they are quite useful in curing disease conditions.

Ormus Gold- What Is It?

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It is an ancient natural product that is used to treat many health conditions, especially those related to the brain. It has its origin in the region that corresponds to present-day Egypt and the Arabian peninsula. Initially, it was thought to be a white powder-like substance that was obtained from noble metals like white gold and platinum.

Today it is available in a solution or colloidal (suspended in a liquid ) form, and it is obtained from natural rocks; they might also contain other minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. If you want to purchase Ormus gold, you can go to online websites that sell this formulation.

How Ormus Gold Benefits Mental Health And Brain Functioning

The cognitive functions of the brain include its ability to think clearly, ability to retain and retrieve a memory, etc. Research work on gold nanoparticles has shown that gold in a colloidal form might be able to cross the blood-brain barrier. The gold particles can also be taken in the brain cells with the help of ligand gated channels. Some channels on the cells can open when a ligand (any mineral or compound) binds to it. Gold might also be able to bind to these channels and gain entry into the nerve cells.

Nerves of the brain function properly as long as they are able to send the right impulses. These impulses are nothing but very minute electric signals. Gold is a good conductor of electricity, so in a colloidal state, it may be able to aid in the conduction of impulses in the nerves of the brain.

Thus, powdered gold in a colloidal solution can improve the functioning of the brain by positively impacting its cognitive ability. Improved cognitive functions improve memory and mental clarity.

It Can Aid In Nerve Repair

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Gold powder in a colloidal form can help in repairing neurons. As people age, their neurons continue to die. Healthy neurons are important for the proper functioning of the brain. When a neuron dies, it is permanently lost and is not replaced by a new neuron.

Thus, with age, as more brain cells die, all brain functions, like cognition, mood regulation, etc., become impaired. Since colloidal gold powder can repair old neurons, it can play a role in improving the overall functioning of the brain, including the regulation of a person’s mood.

Improvement In Energy Levels

When the body’s energy levels are high, a person feels active and cheerful. However, the body’s energy levels may diminish because of age, stress levels, etc. In these cases, gold particles in a colloidal form can help. These particles are known to improve the pineal gland’s functioning by clearing calcium deposits from it.

The pineal gland is vital for regulating sleeping cycles in an individual. The colloidal gold powder can improve the functioning of the gland that is critical for regulating the sleeping cycles of a person, and it can enhance the overall mood of an individual.

It Is Associated With Attracting Positive Energy

In Ormus gold, the gold particles have a specific spin in the atoms. Many philosophers believe that the specific spin state of Ormus gold is important for attracting positive energy to the body, and this can improve how a person feels. However, the integrity of this fact is yet to be determined by research.

It Gives A Feeling Of Bliss


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When people use gold powder in a colloidal state then, they feel happy; they feel a sense of bliss. Researchers have not been able to point out the exact mechanism by which gold stimulates a blissful state of mind. But it probably happens because gold powder can affect some hormones or transmitters that can improve overall mood and make a person feel blissful.

It Does Not Induce Addiction

Many people consume drugs and other natural substances that uplift their mood and make them feel happy. Most of these substances have neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine activates the reward centers in humans.

A reward is anything that is pleasurable, like good food, a drug, etc. People become addicted to the feeling of pleasure and happiness. Most addictive substances like alcohol and drugs also work in a similar manner. After prolonged usage, a person becomes dependent on substances like drugs and alcohol.

Being addicted to any substance is bad for the body because a person cannot function optimally in the absence of the addictive substance. Powdered gold in a colloidal state improves a person’s mood and makes him happy. But it does not cause a person to be addicted.

Since it is not addictive, a person can discontinue using it as per their will. So if you have been using powdered gold for some time and then you wish to discontinue use after some time, then you can easily do so without hampering the functioning of your body.


Many people are now using white gold powder to improve their mental states and feel happy. These solutions are easily available in the market, and most of them come with additional minerals like calcium and magnesium, which further improve the utility of this product. Moreover, it is not addictive, so you can stop using it as and when you want.

The solutions that are available in the market can be used by people who are allergic to dairy products ( lactose intolerance). They also do not contain any potential allergens, and hence they can be used by hyperallergic people as well.