Tips and Strategies for Playing at Live Dealer Casinos 

One of the best things about today’s online casinos is that they always try to innovate and make the user experience as best as possible. And at the center of all this, are live dealer casinos.

Through these types of casinos, you can play against an actual croupier live from the comfort of your home. This involves enjoying casino games such as poker, baccarat, and roulette.

However, you can easily lose your money playing at online live dealer casinos, which means that you need to be careful in terms of the games you choose, and even the online casino. In this guide, we’ll show you a few tips and strategies you can use to play at live dealer casinos.

What Are Live Dealer Casinos?

What Are Live Dealer Casinos

Live dealer casinos are simply online casinos that have live dealer lobbies, which contain all the table games in a real casino, only that they are transmitted via a video stream from a casino studio. Typically, these transmissions show you live dealers taking real-time bets from players that connect simultaneously at the same table.

It is important to remember that in such setups, you don’t have to be onsite. All you need is a virtual spot at a table and each table has a limited number of seats.

Tips & Strategies

Playing at live dealer casinos requires a healthy blend of tricks and strategies.

Find a Reliable Live Casino

One of the most important things you can do is find a great online casino. This essentially means that you need to be aware of the risks before picking out an online casino and entrusting them with your credit card details.

Reputable live casinos have a license to operate. They have certification from credible companies that guarantee a secure website and fair games, and of course, you would not want to be a victim of hacking and information leaking, would you?

Find a Reliable Internet Connection and Sufficient Bandwidth

Today, most modern connections can handle a standard video stream. It Is however vital to have a stable and reliable connection if you want to avoid interruptions and other issues.

This is especially essential when you are streaming using your mobile phone as wireless connections are more prone to stability fluctuations. But with a quality device and modern 5G mobile internet, you will have nothing to worry about.

Of course, every gambler wants a live casino with seamless streaming and stress-free gaming. So, once you have identified a reliable live casino, your next course of action would be to review their technical requirements to ensure your device and internet connectivity will suffice.

This may not look like a particularly crucial step, but it will save you from livestream freezing issues and interruptions in your connection.

You Can Always Count on the Pit Boss

Live casinos usually have an administrator commonly referred to as the Pit Boss. This individual’s job is to ensure that every occurrence at the casino is in line with the set rules. They also resolve conflicts that might come up during the games.

So, if in any instance you suspect the dealer has made a mistake, feel free to reach out to the Pit Boss for help. If your suspicions are proven, you will receive a refund of your bets and the game will be canceled.

Find the Top Offers

Oftentimes, live casinos offer promotions specifically tailored for live games. Utilizing these bonuses is a clever way of supporting your budget and increasing your winning chances especially if you are just starting out.

As you apply for the bonuses, familiarize yourself with the wagering conditions and bonus rules.

Experts recommend match deposit bonuses with high match percentages and bonus caps. Other recommendations include reloading and weekly and monthly cashbacks. Go for bonuses that allow the games to contribute fully to the wagering requirements as this improves your odds.

Select the Right Game

Select the Right Game at a casino

Choosing the right casino game for your play style and budget significantly boosts your chances of winning. Here is how you can easily do this:

  • Select a game with a lower house edge as this lessens the risk of huge losses
  • Go for a game developed by a renowned live casino provider to ensure fair play
  • Double-check the licensing of the live casino offering the game. It is important to ensure you play live dealer games on trustworthy and legal sites.
  • Choose a game you are familiar with. This way you can come up with a strategy that works.
  • Go for a game you enjoy because strategizing will be easier

Get to Know the Live Dealer Game Rules

As with any type of gambling, winning live dealer casino games requires you to learn the specific rules of the game. When you have the rules at your tips, you can avoid costly mistakes such as overbetting.

You first need to understand the person you are playing against: is it the dealer, fellow players, or both?

It’s also important that you know the end goal of the game and its various stages. Familiarize yourself with the betting table and all the allowed bets not forgetting your options at every stage of the game.

Finally, every gambler should know when to choose specific actions, when it is wise to wait, and when it is time to walk away.

Etiquette, Etiquette and Etiquette!

casino etiquette

Seeing as you are going to interact with fellow players and dealers, it would help to familiarize yourself with live casino etiquette. For one always place your wagers before time runs out to avoid interrupting the game.

You can also utilize the game chat for polite interactions and avoid interrupting the dealer or fellow players during their turn. In addition, take your losses and wins respectfully and avoid giving unsolicited advice.

Other common live casino etiquette includes managing your bankroll responsibly and avoiding cheating and collusion tactics.

Be Patient!

Finally, be patient. Live dealer games may progress at a slower pace compared to traditional online games. As such, it’s crucial that you exercise patience as you dive into this immersive experience of online live dealer casinos. Look at the long-term strategy and ensure you don’t get distracted by losing a few bets.