Push winning content to reps where they work.

Get the Right Content in Salesforce.com

Surface the most effective content for any sales situation, right in your CRM.

  • Match winning content with any lead, contact, account, case, or other standard and custom objects.
  • Predict which content is best matched instead of waiting for reps to search or browse for content.
  • Centralize content from any portal, CMS, LMS, or other repository — including KnowledgeTree LaunchPad.
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Access Recommended Content from Email

Give users instant access to recommended content from their email client.

  • Suggest content that matches the email recipient’s sales situation.
  • Recommend content that other reps have succeeded with.
  • Search and share multiple pieces of content right from your email.
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Share Content with Prospects — Fast

Cut up to 30% of the effort needed to find and share content with prospects.

  • Send content to prospects with a simple click — from Salesforce.com and email.
  • Simplify content sharing by connecting email templates with each piece of content.
  • Alert reps and track activities when prospects engage with content.
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Share Content Socially – and At Scale

Guide reps with recommended content for their own demand generation campaigns.

  • Push recommended content to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Share content via bulk email tools like Outreach, SalesLoft, ToutApp, and Yesware.
  • Get content performance insight for sales-led campaigns.
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Guide Reps’ Sales Processes

Push ‘just in time’ sales playbooks to reps when they need it most.

  • Match sales guidance materials by sales team and Salesforce record.
  • Provide bite-sized training content like videos, scripts, and links back to your LMS.
  • Get more traffic and use for your LMS and portal.
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Generate Tailor-Made Presentations

Instantly build presentations customized by sales situation.

  • Match slides with specific sales situations, like industry, product, and opportunity stage.
  • Auto-generate presentations that match leads, accounts, and opportunities.
  • Allow reps to add relevant slides, customize the deck, and share with a prospect in one motion.
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Measure Content ROI

Learn how much revenue your content truly generates.

  • Track how marketing content influences revenue by industry, sales stage, persona, and more.
  • Help sales use your content effectively by spotting best practice use.
  • Identify and fill gaps in your sales enablement and marketing content portfolio.
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Get Recommended Content within Email

Share recommended content predicted to engage your email recipients.

  • Click on the KnowledgeTree button in your email to access content pre-matched to your prospect.
  • Search for and browse all your content, without ever leaving your email client.
  • Share multiple pieces of content with a click — right in your email.
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