8 Effective Public Speaking Techniques That Could Change Your Life

When you are speaking with a majority of people, it may be considered public speaking. Public speaking is an art. You may have come across people who bound you by their impeccable and flawless speech. And then, there are others who bore you and make you yawn. Well, you need to learn how to speak publically and then slowly master the art if you don’t want to bore your audience. Let’s take a look at a few effective public speaking techniques. Fear not; if you prepare well, you can leave your audience spellbound. They can be your go-to tool when interacting regularly or delivering a speech to a large audience.

1. Prepare And Practice

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You are continuously judged and scrutinized on the stage. There is not much scope for a blunder. With new-age mobile phones in the hands of the audience, they can record whatever you are saying. And then, they can post it online for everyone to see. Well, you don’t want to be erring or faltering. So, prepare and practice. The more you practice, the more confident you feel.

And deny it or not, confidence shows. It adds to a person’s energy. Your movements become more enthusiastic, and your hand gestures become more relevant. You can make eye contact.

2. Content Is The King

What is the most crucial thing in a recipe? It’s ingredients. If the ingredients are not fresh and appropriate, the taste will not be as desired. Well, this applies to conversations too. The most important thing in public speaking, too, is the ingredient, and that is content. If your content is bland, how much charm you may add, it will not stir the audience’s taste buds! Well, listening buds, I mean!! So, prepare for what you are going to say.

It doesn’t mean you must learn the speeches by heart every time. You ready yourself for engaging conversations and stage deliveries by preparing throughout. Expand your knowledge base. Be aware of your surroundings, neighborhood, country, and world in general. Read every day – whatever you like, newspapers, books, magazines, journals, biographies, novels. All this reading organically adds to your content. You may refer to a story or a news article you once read somewhere. This brings multiple hues and thoughts to your content. You speak your mind, but the one which is well-read and well-fed.

3. Embrace Nervousness

It is okay to feel nervous; it is okay to feel anxiety and fear. All these are natural human emotions. Do not try to defy them. Embrace them. Once you accept that you are being nervous and that’s okay, you will not see nervousness and anxiety as deterrents. You will not think they can hamper your performance or stop you anyway. As you speak more publicly, you will build more confidence and not even feel nervous. In fact, you may feel the adrenaline rush. Well, that’s a good nerve.

4. Positive Attitude

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A great attitude can foster positive communication. You have to be optimistic and keep your attitude positive. You are more accepting, forgiving, and tolerant if you are positive. All these traits bring a feeling of satisfaction, and you will feel relaxed. This will obviously show in your conversations and speeches also.

5. Know Your Audience

How comfortable will you feel while entering a room with your eyes blindfolded? Not much! Because you don’t know what may await you. You are afraid of the unknown. Well, that applies to when you are entering a stage too. You won’t prefer going unaware or not knowing what you will face.

So, for that, you better make yourself aware. Remove the blindfold and know your audience and surroundings beforehand. Do some rehearsal sessions in the hall or auditorium where you have to speak. However, that may not be possible all the time. But you can learn about your audience.

You would have seen many celebrities and leaders greeting the crowds in their native language. That brings cheer and an uproar of pleasure amongst the audience. You can also do the same. Learn the local way of greeting. Also, if you use some slang words of the region, that can add a personal touch to your speech. The audience will feel more connected.

Also, your choice of words and level of information will vary with the kind of people you are addressing. Their age, gender, qualifications, and background should all be considered when preparing the speech content. Consider the sentiments of the crowd. Avoid passing any lewd or rude comments.

6. Share Correct Information

When on stage, you are being heard by many people. Do not share any incorrect information. Share the information which is most recent, contemporary, and accurate. Knowing you have prepared your content through the right and credible sources will make you feel confident delivering them. Saying the right things is always easier than fabricating.

Base your statements on facts. Use reliable sources of information while preparing your content. This adds credibility to your public speaking. Over time, it enhances the public’s trust in your words.

7. Dress To Impress

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Now you may think that how dressing is related to speaking. Well, your clothes represent you. Where ever you go, your clothes go with you, and they talk on your behalf before you actually start talking. People are bound to make perceptions about you based on your clothes. Also, if you are dressed up smartly, it builds confidence. You may naturally feel more comfortable and confident about yourself. This would help you in engaging in conversations efficiently.

8. Calm Your Mind

Well, this preparation technique is dedicated to your well-being. For this technique, you need information about yourself. You need to gauge your mood. You may be feeling tired, angry, stressed, or happy. Whatever your state of mind is, you must have a grip on yourself before facing the audience. You can meditate, play some relaxing music, or just deep breathe for a few minutes. All the preparation you did as per the above techniques can help build your confidence. Make yourself feel assured that you have all the information and support materials available. Make self-affirmation that you will sail through.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply these simple yet effective public speaking techniques and see your life changing in front of you. And these techniques will not only build your confidence for public speaking but also make you a confident person altogether. It will reflect in all aspects of your personality, and you will become a better version of yourself.