6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Dog from a Breeder

When it comes to pets, you have to pay attention to certain things like what pet are you getting, where it will reside the most as well as where are you getting your pet from. The first two things are important but the last one is probably the one that will determine a lot of other things, which is why we decided to make this article.

Buying a pet, or adopting one has both positives and negatives attached. Adoption is always a good thing from a certain standpoint because there are a lot of good pets that are left on their own but they can come with certain issues. Buying a pet means you get one that is a blank slate and where you can and have to invest a lot of yourself to make them what they need to be and what you need them to be.

As you know there are a lot of pets out there and for the sake of this article and the sake of easier understanding, we chose dogs and today’s centre point. We also choose to discuss reasons why you should get your puppy from a renowned breeder rather than anywhere else. There are plenty of places you can get your puppy and one of those is Service Dog Puppies if you need a dog of this sort make sure you check them out.

Now the title of the article is the reasons for getting your next dog from a breeder and without much ado here they are:

1. Experience and advice

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When going to get a service dog or any other dog for that matter, getting one from a registered and experienced breeder brings you benefits in the form of experience and advice. These breeders know their job and they know their puppies. Those that work with them know all about their positives and negatives and they will talk you through them.

As you all know certain dog breeds have some sort of difficulties in a form of health, that may or may not develop at a certain age, and their advice on how to be prepared or what to look for in the early stages may be of crucial matter. They will inform you about routines suited for that breed, learn their discipline the best way and generally work with them to make them as best as possible. Any other dog seller will just give you general information about the dog and leave you to find out everything by yourself.

2. A good and healthy puppy

Every breeding professional, especially those registered ones, has certain guidelines that they need to abide by to have the best possible outcome and to assure the long and healthy life of your new dog. Breeders will make sure that the breeds of dogs haven’t been mismatched and that only healthy and good ones have been bread to produce the best offspring possible. They will also work on their early socialisation and adaptation of those puppies. They will learn about litter, children and a lot of other people which will make your job a lot easier after purchase.

3. History

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When buying a puppy from a breeder, we all expect to get some sort of their history, and this is exactly what you get from a professional breeder. They will have a history for that puppy three or four generations back, maybe even more. You will know all about the achievements of their parents, grandparents and their grand, grandparents maybe. This is rather important for those of you that are getting a puppy specifically for shows and maybe a breeding business of your own.

4. Health

Every professional breeder has to do a health test of each puppy they get and they need to take them through initial tests and inoculations that are a must in the first few weeks and months. Another big thing with professional breeders is that they do parent testing as well to ensure that both parents were in good health before the breeding and that they exchanged the best possible genetic material at that point. This will serve mainly to exclude any genetic issues and it will give you a piece of mind when investing money in this.

5. You will need to give feedback

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This is a bit odd for most of you but an excellent breeder will ask you a lot of questions to get feedback regarding things like how you plan to treat the puppy, where it will be, how big is the place, what is your plan for feeding, walking as well as many other activities. Breeding isn’t just a classic business where you look to earn the most money possible, you also need to make sure that the ones getting a puppy from you will take good care of it and that the place they have planned for it meets certain requirements.

6. You will get the best puppy for you

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and we would want something we can’t have or don’t have the means to have. This is where professional breeders jump in and they will help us get the best puppy that suits our situation. Maybe we love Great Danes for instance but don’t have a backyard and we have a tiny apartment. This would be a situation where the breeder would explain how this wouldn’t work for you and the dog and suggest something smaller and easier to live with. Some will want a breed that is known for certain medical issues later in their life and based on your financial situation or other things you may be offered to choose another one.

Breeders are the best choice for all of you thinking about getting a puppy for your or your loved ones and they will give you the best possible advice regarding everything we wrote so far. You will get to ask a question and you will be asked some questions and all of that will be in the best interest of both you and your new pup.

Having a puppy, or any other pet for that matter seems like a straightforward thing, but it isn’t. there is a lot of responsibility, care and love that needs to go into raising a pet, as well as a lot of care and attention, so we always suggest that you thing several times over before you decide to buy or adopt one.