Is Golfing Expensive? How To Save Money On Your Golfing Gear And Accessories?

Golf is one of the most relished sports. People of all age groups are keenly interested in playing golf in their leisure time. Recent statistics reveal that the golf course industry in the United States is worth $26 billion. Globally, the industry is worth $84 billion. About 25.1 million people engage in golfing activities annually in the United States alone.

Despite the massive craze for the sport, some people find golfing extremely expensive. Playing golf is not just about hitting the ball in the right direction. Golfing includes course/green fees, membership fees, golf accessories, driving range fees, costs of attire and footwear, cost of lessons, and many more.

If you are thinking how to save money while enjoying golf efficiently, you have landed on the right page! This article will take you on a tour of all the factors that make golf an expensive sport. Additionally, this article will enlighten you with profitable tips to save money on golfing gear and accessories.

Aspects That Make Golf Expensive


Golf is a popular activity enjoyed by individuals of all age groups, but it is unquestionably expensive. Check out the various aspects that make golf an expensive sport.

1. Golf Equipment

Golf equipment is yet another highly expensive aspect of golfing. The reason for the equipment to be expensive is the material that is used to manufacture the equipment. The equipment is usually made using wood, iron, or putters. A typical golf kit comprises 14 pieces- 6 Irons, 3 Wedges, 2 Woods, 1 Putter, 1 Hybrid, and 1 Driver. There are reliable online stores that offer premium quality golf accessories at affordable prices.

The equipment’s price is determined based on the material and number of items in the kit. The price of a basic kit hovers around $200 to $600, depending on the brand. Additionally, even more sophisticated golf kits can cost around $800 to $1000.

Now, if you only play golf for recreational purposes, you wouldn’t want to invest money in equipment. Hence, golf courses also offer the option to rent equipment. One can rent equipment daily at an average rate of $30 to $50.

2. Course & Membership Charges

Course and membership charges are something that varies from course to course. If you choose to participate in a recently established course with a newer course, the charges are most likely to be higher. Additionally, there are two types of golf courses- public and private.

Playing just 18 holes of golf at a public golf course can cost you varying from $30 to $180. According to a survey conducted by Golf Digest, the average membership fee of a golf course in the United States is $520 per month, and the average cost of a golf cart in a public course costs $36.

One must note that membership at a golf course means more than limited access to the golf course. The membership also offers access to fine dining, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.

3. Golf Lessons/Classes


Since golf is already an expensive sport, no one would want to see their money go down the drain. Hence, taking golf lessons or classes is highly recommended if you are willing to play with flying colors.

These golf lessons are generally available at $25 to $60 for a 45-minute long session. However, for a 60-minute long session, the rate hovers around $75 to $100. Additionally, you can always opt for group lessons if the lesson fees are unsuitable for your wallet.

4. Attire & Footwear

Wearing the right attire and footwear for any sports game is essential to improve your performance. Golf usually demands a polo shirt, shorts or long pants, and a hat as complete attire. This attire can be arranged at home or bought at a store. However, the cost of the attire absolutely depends on the choice of brand.

Additionally, playing golf requires distinctive shoes with spikes to provide balance and stability. These sports shoes can vary from $30 to $100, depending on the brand choice.

Tips To Save Money On Golf Gear & Accessories


Here is a list of a few things you can do to save your hard-earned money on golf gear and accessories while enjoying the leisure that comes with it.

1. Purchasing Equipment From Outlets

Shopping from outlets is one of the most effective and economically friendly options for purchasing golf equipment. Stores are always brimming with lucrative discount offers on branded items like golf shoes, clothing, balls, clubs, wedges, and many more.

Additionally, outlets are an excellent option for online shoppers as well. Many outlets have an online platform available. They offer the same discounts on all equipment.

2. Investing In High-Quality Items

One should look at golf equipment as a one-time investment instead of purchasing new equipment every other month. In such an event, one must consider spending money on high-quality equipment that is known to be durable. Getting tempted by low-quality equipment at lower prices can be detrimental in the long run!

One can consider purchasing second-hand or pre-used high-quality equipment if one cannot purchase high-quality equipment. Second-hand gear is more beneficial quality-wise than low-quality equipment.

3. Try Out The Equipment Before Purchasing

One of the most appropriate ways to check out the quality of equipment is to rent it for a few days. On the rented days of use, one can easily determine if the material and quality of that equipment work for them. Renting is a terrific method to test the clubs before investing many dollars in a piece of equipment or collection. Before you choose, feel free to test out a few alternative sets.


One must continue their passion for playing golf even if it’s an expensive experience. There are various ways one can use to save up huge sums of money and still chase their zeal for golf. With the help of the aspects as mentioned earlier, one can easily save their hard-earned money on golf gear and accessories. Additionally, consider signing up for a store account to get daily updates about discounts, credits, and coupons to save money.