7 Smoke Bomb Ideas To Spice Up Your Images

There are various solutions that you can use to make your photos look more attractive. The most common option is to use software like Photoshop and edit the picture in a way you prefer. On the other side, if you want to achieve something even more unique, using smoke bombs might be the best solution. If you are not sure how can a smoke bomb help you create stunning pictures, you should check some great Smoke Bombs Ideas.

There are many benefits of using this simple trick in photography. There is a wide selection of colors and effects that the smoke can cause. First of all, you will have enough time to create a set of the picture since the duration of some smoke bombs is over two minutes. Also, that is a very attractive solution for making an outstanding photo. Here are some tips for using them in the right way.

1. Always Plan The Scene in Advance

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Even though it can last for around two minutes, it can be a mistake if you don’t set all the details upfront. Therefore, find the right angle, set all the details, prepare the smoke, and then you can start the effect only when everything is prepared. That will help you save a lot of time and avoid the situation where you will have to repeat the same scene for several times.

2. Choose the Right Effect

There is a wide selection of smoke grenades that you can find on the market these days. You can use them for the celebration of gender reveal, birthday parties, or as an effect in photography. Moreover, we mentioned that some models can last up to two minutes. On the other side, some options will last for only 30 seconds. Also, there is a wide range of colors, and even shades of the same colors.

If you don’t have a problem with testing some models before using them for photos that can be the best way to make sure that you will use the right one. However, a package can cost more than $100, depending on the model. If you are on a budget, a more efficient solution is to check some reviews and read more details about the effect.

Moreover, not all of them will burn in the same way. Some models will burst like an explosion, while other will only cause a passive smoke. Both of these options can be great, but it depends on what you want to achieve.

3. Get the Assistance

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Some models might require to hold them and move around to achieve the best effect. However, if you don’t want the piece of equipment or someone else to be seen in the photo, you will need some additional tricks.

For example, your assistance can hide away from the main scene and hold the smoke grenade close to either the camera or the person or object that you are filming. You should take as many pictures as you can while the smoke is active.

An interesting idea would be to keep the smoke close to the camera or behind the object or a person. That will help you to play around with focusing and create an outstanding photo. For instance, when the smoke is covering part of the person.

4. You Can Hide the Background

There are models that are producing a lot of thick smoke, which can be perfect if you want to edit the background. For instance, forming a line of grenades behind the person or an object, activating them, and then shooting a lot of pictures in the following minute or two.

Also, you can use software to add some even more attractive effects after that. For example, a small trace of smoke is a great idea to put some devices, weapons, vehicles, and many other things. The best part is that you can be very creative with this piece of equipment.

5. Play Around With the Speed

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When it comes to images, the best solution for using the smoke grenade is to shoot a lot of pictures in short time. You can select the best options after. On the other side, if you want to create a short video, there is an even bigger advantage of using smoke bomb as an effect. The reason for that is that you can play around with the speed of the video, such as using slow-motion or making some parts of the video faster.

6. Move the Grenade Slowly

There is a big difference if you hold the position of the smoke bomb in one place and when you move it around. Also, how fast you are moving it will also interfere with the appearance of the smoke. To reach the most attractive effect, the best solution is to hold the bomb and slowly move it around the object that you are filming.

7. Use Different Colors

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It also depends on the event and what you want to achiever. If the main focus is on creating the stunning image, using more than one color is often the best solution. Even if you want to use a special effect while focused on one color, using the additional colors will be useful as well.

For example, if the focus is on the red color as a background, combining it with a dark note of black and tight black smoke, which will represent an excellent background for the red color and improve the visual features even more.

Last Words

The key is to learn more about the features of the smoke grenades like the thickness, duration, area of effect, and more. Also, be sure to prepare the scene before you active the smoke bomb. Your idea is crucial since not all models of smoke bombs are good for every scene. Besides that, be sure to use outburst on your camera so you can film a lot of different forms of smoke and choose one that is most suitable with the image.