Unveiling the Thriving Betting Industry in Zambia: A Comprehensive Exploration

The Republic of Zambia, nestled in the heart of Southern Africa, boasts a betting landscape that has evolved significantly since its legalization in 1957. As we delve into the vibrant world of gambling in Zambia, we’ll navigate through the legal intricacies, regulatory frameworks and the impact of technological advancements, with a spotlight on the renowned Betway Casino.

Historical Tapestry of Zambian Gambling

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The roots of legal gambling in Zambia trace back to 1957, a milestone marked by the enactment of the Lotteries Act. Since then, Zambia’s betting landscape has evolved significantly, shaped by transformative legislative interventions. The pivotal 2007 Tourism and Hospitality Act emerged as a regulatory cornerstone, expanding the regulatory framework beyond traditional gambling forms to embrace the burgeoning digital realm. This forward-looking approach not only legalized online gaming in Zambia but also set the stage for a dynamic and inclusive gaming environment that adapts to the evolving preferences of a tech-savvy populace.

Online Betting in Zambia

In a surprising turn of events, Zambia has wholeheartedly embraced online betting, defying the odds presented by its relatively modest internet usage, standing at 28% as of the latest update in 2024. What’s particularly noteworthy is the absence of a specific digital betting act, which hasn’t hindered the flourishing presence of state-owned online lottery platforms like Lotto Zambia. These platforms operate under meticulous licenses, such as the exemplified license number 0000035 issued to Dreamcall Zambia Limited, reflecting a commendable level of regulatory diligence in the sector.

Zambia’s early venture into internet betting is significant in the current digital age, where online betting on platforms such as Betway Casino has become a global norm. The country’s proactive stance towards online betting is remarkable, considering the rapidly growing internet penetration rate. This bold move prompts contemplation, especially when juxtaposed with the trend in many African nations that tend to legalize online betting once the internet access rate hits the 50% mark. Zambia’s progressive approach to online betting underscores its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the betting industry.

Regulatory Quandaries

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In the realm of Zambia’s multifaceted gambling regulation, a collaborative effort is orchestrated by key entities, including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the Betting Control and Licensing Board, and the Ministry of Tourism. This concerted endeavor seeks to establish a thorough and well-regulated gambling environment. Nevertheless, the existing licensing framework appears somewhat fragmented, with a noticeable lack of transparency in terms of fees, processes, and requirements.

Amidst this intricate web of Zambian gambling regulation, the specific nuances pertaining to online betting licensing prove elusive. Despite the presence of Betway Casino in Zambia, the intricate details of its licensing arrangement, especially within the broader context of online gambling regulations, remain undisclosed. This opacity raises significant questions regarding the transparency and comprehensiveness of the regulatory framework governing online betting in Zambia. Consequently, there is a pressing need for a critical examination, advocating for more transparent and detailed regulatory guidelines to ensure a fair and accountable online betting landscape in the country.

Taxation Dynamics

As of the 2024 national budget, Zambia has implemented a structured taxation system that encompasses diverse betting activities, including traditional gambling, online gambling, sports betting and lottery. These tax rates, intertwined with licensing fees, stand as architects shaping the fiscal contours of the gaming industry in Zambia. In a recent development, the government has executed a strategic manoeuvre, opting for a substantial reduction in tax rates – a transition from the prior 25% to a more moderate 15%. This deliberate reduction seeks a delicate equilibrium, aiming to generate revenue for the government while concurrently nurturing a competitive and sustainable betting environment. An additional layer of financial transparency manifests through a 15% withholding tax on betting winnings, underscoring the government’s steadfast commitment to maintaining fiscal integrity and compliance within the gaming sector.

Forms of Gambling in Zambia

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The gambling landscape in Zambia is diverse, encompassing various forms such as casino, bingo, poker, sports betting, lottery and even Bitcoin gambling. Casinos, governed by the Casino Act since 1992, have thrived and the emergence of online casinos, such as the reputable Betway Casino, has added a digital dimension to Zambia’s gambling landscape. However, the intricacies of specific online gambling licenses in this domain remain shrouded in ambiguity.

Sports betting has etched itself as a gambling cornerstone in Zambia since its legalization in 1958 under the Betting Control Act. Betway, an international bookmaker, has seamlessly integrated into the Zambian market, presenting enthusiasts with a diverse array of sports betting options. The regulatory framework for sports betting, elucidated in the 1994 Betting Act, extends its purview to both traditional and online platforms.

Lottery enthusiasts find solace in Lotto Zambia, a state-owned monopoly established by the 1957 Lotteries Act. Although online lottery platforms monopolized by Lotto Zambia offer a channel for Zambians to engage, the exclusivity prompts contemplation about the potential for diversification within the lottery sector. Questions arise regarding whether a more open approach could catalyze innovation and heightened engagement within Zambia’s lottery ecosystem.

Bitcoin Gambling and Cryptocurrency in Zambia

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In the broader global landscape, cryptocurrencies have seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the gaming industry. However, it’s noteworthy that Zambia has yet to establish regulatory frameworks for this burgeoning aspect of digital finance. Despite the absence of specific regulations, Bitcoin remains unprohibited, presenting an intriguing opportunity for Zambian players. Notably, international online betting entities, Betway Casino included, with their Zambian subsidiaries, have embraced this digital currency. Leveraging sophisticated payment processors, these platforms provide Zambian players with a seamless and secure avenue to engage in Bitcoin betting activities.


The gambling industry in Zambia paints a complex and evolving picture, influenced by historical legal frameworks, technological advancements and global trends. Amidst this backdrop, Betway Casino emerges as a prominent player, contributing to the sector’s vibrancy.

As Zambia continues to navigate the regulatory challenges and adapt to the shifting dynamics of the global gambling landscape, the role of platforms like Betway Casino becomes integral. The fusion of traditional forms of gambling with the online realm signifies a trajectory where Zambia’s gambling industry is poised for continued evolution.