Tobias Dorzon Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Suddenly Tobias Dorzon Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki, and all seems to be the kind of information everybody wants to know. It looks like everybody wants to know everything about this man. The reason is his ever-increasing popularity amongst foodies who follow the world’s best chefs and love to try out exotic recipes. To say that Tobias Dorzon is the best chef is a gross understatement.

I myself, being a hopeless foodie, have tried several of his exotic recipes and surprisingly they turned out absolutely delicious. So, if you have also stumbled upon this amazing chef displaying terrific culinary skills on Instagram reels then it is a given that you want to know more about him. If that is so then keep on reading this article to find out everything there’s to know about Tobias Dordon. Ok, enough with the small talk and let’s get down to business!

Tobias Dorzon Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Tobias Dorzon Wiki


Tobias Dorzon was born on 23rd November 1984 in Washington, United States. He wasn’t born famous nor were either of his parents wealthy. He went to some primary school in Washington, the name of which is still unknown. Luckily, it is known for the fact that he attended Jackson State University from where he graduated with a degree. However, he had always been interested in cooking different kinds of unique dishes which is the only reason why he got himself enrolled in the Culinary School at the Art Institute in Washington.

Realizing he had a genius for cooking, he got enrolled in a prestigious college in Sicily before he moved on to University. These prestigious institutes coupled with his own burning desire to be the best chef the world had ever seen, paved his path toward success and glorious achievement. But his cue to worldly fame and recognition came when he took part in a reality show called Tournament Of Champions Season 3. His intensely focused culinary skills won the hearts of thousands of viewers.

Tobias Dorzon Wife, Girlfriends, Kids

Tobias Dorzon is currently married to his high school sweetheart. Unfortunately, I could not unearth any details regarding his marriage, his wife’s name and occupation, or even when he got married. But will surely let you guys know if something comes up. The same goes for his girlfriends and friends. It seems as if Tobias is a very private person and does not want anybody to snoop into his personal life. He doesn’t even post any stories or pictures with his wife and kids except for one where he is posing with his two daughters.

Tobias Dorzon’s Parents, Siblings, Nationality


Tobias Dorzon is Christian by religion and has mixed ethnicity. As per some of my sources, I know for a fact that both of his parents are Liberian immigrants. Interestingly, his father was a cook in a small local restaurant in their hometown and his mother was just a regular housewife. So, from this information at least we know where he got this inspiration to become a chef. And as far as his nationality is concerned, he is an American national because he took birth in the USA.

Tobias Dorzon Football Career

From early life, Tobias was a passionate football player. He was so good at it that he could have easily made a glorious football career if only he hadn’t started focusing solely on his culinary skills. In any case, Tobias played for the NFL and CFL during his college days and all through high school. Unfortunately, I could not get a hold of his NFL stats. This chilling lack of information on his part can make us easily believe that he has done a great job at burying his past!

Tobias Dorzon As A Chef


Tobias Dorzon was so deeply infatuated with the concept of cooking that he not only went to university to study everything there was to learn about it but also did numerous other short and long courses. After completing his studies, Tobias started working in small restaurants and bars to enhance his experience and learn the dynamics of this field. At the same time, he kept sharing his food videos and recipes on his Instagram handle which caught the eyes of millions and so he started receiving offers for TV shows and Tournaments.


What is the net worth of Tobias Dorzon?

Like many other aspects of his life, Tobias Dorzon has managed to keep his net earnings a complete mystery as well. We don’t know for sure how much he earns or how much money he has accumulated as of this date but according to a rough estimate, Tobias has a net worth ranging between eight to ten million US dollars. Apart from that, he spends a very luxurious life in his penthouse apartment in Washington.

Final Thoughts

So, this was all I could dig up about the personal life of Tobias Dorzon. It might not be much but everything I mentioned in here is authenticated by some people who are very close to Tobias. However, this process doesn’t just end here, I will keep my sources deployed and inform you all if anything new comes up regarding the private life of the enigmatic Tobias Dorzon. Just make sure that you direct all your friends and family, who are interested to know about Tobias, to this article so that they can get their facts straight from an authentic source as well.