11 Top-Ranked States for Elementary Education in the U.S: Nurturing Future Minds

If you have kids in your family, shifting to a new state or city means you have to prioritize the quality of education in the area. However, with the United States comprising 50 states, being confused about the top-ranked states for elementary education can be challenging.

You want to live in areas where schools are highly coveted, and the teachers must have a masters in reading education so your child’s education is never compromised.

Don’t worry, though, because we have sorted a list of the best states you can consider shifting to for better education for your child in the future.


Massachusetts map
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When accounting for the highest-ranking state when it comes to public schools in the U.S., Massachusetts deserves the top spot. Not only do they excel in the quality of the education they impart, but they also stand out in terms of the safety they offer to the students and the staff at school.

Not just that, the state is also ranked the highest in reading test scores and mathematics out of the remaining states in the U.S. Out of them all, the public schools located in Norfolk County account for the best ones.


Wisconsin map
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The eighth-best state for public education in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin, 91.90% of adults have a minimum of a high school diploma. The nation’s highest median SAT score, 1298, is shared by Wisconsin and Minnesota. Wisconsin’s student-to-teacher ratio is also 15:1, which is substantially less than the 16:1 nationwide standard.


Connecticut map
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Next on the list is Connecticut, where the public schools have high reading test scores and one of the highest median ACT scores in the entirety of the United States. Another factor that makes Connecticut public schools such a great option is the teacher-student ratio.

This means your children will never have to worry about not receiving the best quality education at school.

Besides education, even healthcare in Connecticut is optimal, which is one of the reasons why the state is considered ideal for families to reside in. Even the dropout percentage is one of the lowest in Connecticut at 9%.


Washington map
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Washington is a top USA state for elementary education, home to several academic institutions, research organizations, and foreign governmental bodies. It performs better than the average across the nation for high school graduation, pre-school registration, and NAEP math ratings

Facilities are abundant for adults and students because most of its people are academics and recent graduates. This state has a vibrant theatre, sports, gastronomy, music, and arts scenes. Because of this, kids can benefit from these and other nationwide cultural, educational, and social activities. 


Vermont map
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This USA state ranks 5th for the extraordinary elementary schools and possesses the 8th-most upskilled population. Vermont has a minimum student-to-teacher ratio of 10.5:1, letting instructors give additional care and attention to every student. 

With respect to the least number of high/elementary school pupils who have been intimidated or harmed, Vermont shares the bottom spot with Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

New Jersey

New Jersey map
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Closer to New York, New Jersey is another excellent choice for families looking for good-quality and reliable public schools. The low pupil-teacher ratio also ensures that students focus on their education and receive the round-the-clock care needed to excel. This is also one of the reasons why the state has low dropout rates.

Besides elementary and high schools, New Jersey is also home to various colleges and Universities, making the state ideal for children wanting to further their educational background.

Before kids delve into deciding their future, they should avoid making mistakes when choosing their colleges and ensure they make the right choice.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire map
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New Hampshire is Vermont’s neighbor, with the 6th best public schools and 9th highest education accomplishment. Approximately 36.5% of the adults in this region of the country have finished their college degree prerequisites.

New Hampshire state has the second-best elementary educational institutions, with an average ACT rating of 25.1. 12:1 is this state’s student-to-teacher ratio, which is 5th lowest in the USA.


Minnesota map
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This USA state has the maximum median SAT score, which is 1298. The second-highest math test results nationwide are in Minnesota, which is ranked sixth nationally for excellence. 

Despite worries about Minnesota’s deteriorating math and reading proficiency, all pupil groups’ percentages of graduates in publicly funded educational institutions have risen. At 93%, Minnesota has the second-highest percentage of high school graduates nationwide.


Maryland map
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This US state surpasses the top 10 states with the best schools for elementary education. With 39.60% of the adult population in Maryland possessing a bachelor’s degree or above, the state ranks fourth in the nation for educational achievement.

With a typical ACT rating of 22.3, Maryland state and elementary schools have an average student-to-teacher proportion of 15:1. Subsequently, the SAT average is 1058.    


Virginia map
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Virginia, which has pretty favorable math test scores, is the last state on the list worth exploring. What’s great is that besides the quality of education, the cost of living in the state is fairly more affordable compared to the other states.

Over 47% of the state’s population has a college degree, which also offers great opportunities for growth and development. The crime rate is also low, making it ideal for families to live in.


Delaware map
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Delaware’s elementary or public schools rank 15th for quality and 2nd for well-being or security. Delaware boasts the second-fewest instances of harassment and an ACT score that is above average (24.1). Delaware falls short with a student-to-teacher ratio of 22:1, slightly greater than the national median.


School is fundamental for any person or family; therefore, picking the best state for elementary institutions is a difficult but important choice. Therefore, before deciding on a state to reside in, if you’re thinking about migrating to the US, it’s essential to evaluate the elements that most precisely meet your demands or requirements of your children, especially the quality of education available. 

We wrapped up our list of the states in the U.S. with the best elementary education systems. These states are wonderful for both students and future instructors who desire to enter the field of education and advance their professional lives. With these states listed, selecting the most excellent state for elementary schooling is simpler.