Trino Marin: Family | Bio | Relationships

José Trinidad Marín is the full name of famous Trino Marin, husband of Jenni Rivera. He led an ordinary life until he started dating American singer Jenni Rivera. The couple met in high school and they started a secret relationship.

However, their relationship ended shortly after and they went on separate ways. He basically became famous just because of his ex-wife Jenni Rivera, who was a well-known singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and entrepreneur.

Marin was born on 15th February 1964, making him 58 years old today. He has American-Mexican citizenship and his zodiac sign is Aquarious.

Trino used to work as a manager or administrator chief in a caffe which served Mexican and American food, and it was apparently his only source of income. He is currently married, but there is no information available about his recent spouse.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s early life


Trino was born in the USA, but he spent most of his childhood in Mexico. He permanently moved to the USA when he became a teenager. There is no further information available about his parents. He then became friends with Jenni since they went to school together.

Jenni Rivera-famous ex-wife

Jenni was born in San Antonio, Texas, on July 16, 1967, to Mexican parents. She started her singing career in 1980s, and became incredibly successful after her debut album Enamorada (1995). Three of the songs made it to Top 10 singles in the United States.

Jenni and Trino met when she was 15 years old and he was 20 at the time. The couple kept their relationship private, and they got married in a private ceremony in 1984.

When she was 17 years old, Rivera became pregnant and gave birth to their first child, Chiquis Rivera, who became a famous singer and TV personality.

Before getting divorced, the couple welcomed 3 children, and after several hearings they were all given to Jenni and Marin was found guilty.

During the 20 years of her music career, Jenni introduced 12 albums, such as “Jenni, Parrandera, Rebelde, and many others.” She even received a “Latin Grammy Award.”

Rivera was the top-selling Mariachi music vocalist and composer.

She always motivated people never to give up, no matter how many times they fall, and she always gave her one hundred percent, no matter how difficult the situation was. She spreads love through her music and is inspirational to millions of people.

The singer suddenly died on September 25, 2013. She was 43 years old at the time. Rivera was considered one of the most famous Latin American singers of all time. She sang in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Controversial divorce with Jenni

Jenni and Trino were both young and unemployed when they got married. Even though the romance inicially started wonderfully, the marriage wasn’t so fortunate for Jenni afterwards. She mentioned in court that he often misbehaved with her and was often abusive. He always tried to dominate the relationship.

In addition, Jenni’s sister also spoke about Jose’s mis behaviour and accused him of sexual harassment. Marin made his two daughters feel uncomfortable and he assaulted them as well, so their mother had to report it. One day, his daughter woke up from a nap and realized that her father sexually abused her.

Death of Jeni Rivera


After she divorced Marin, Jenni had new relationships. She took care of her children and later married a man named Juan Lopez. However, the marriage didn’t last so long since they separated in 2003. After some time, in 2010, Rivera married a retired baseball player Esteban Loaiza.

Rivera lost her life in a helicopter crash while being on the way to Toluca, Mexico. She was supposed to make an appearance on the famous show The Voice. She was reportedly in the process of divorcing her third husband at the time the accident happen, on 9th December 2012

The singer unfortunately died at the age of 43, along with all the other people who accompanied her in the helicopter. She was buried on 31st December 2012.

After she died, all of her children supported each other. The oldest sister, Chiquis played a motherly figure to the younger siblings. Despite everything that happened, the children remained strong and stood for each other at all times.

Trino Marin’s children

Trino and Jenni had 3 children together. Their firstborn, Chiquis Rivera started her career in the entertainment industry as a child actress, since she appeared in her mom’s music videos. In 2009, she released her album called Ahora. Besides, she also has a YouTube channel where she often sings and vlogs.

She got married to a musician Lorenzo E. Mendez Ronquillo in 2019, but they ended their relationship in 2020.

Jenni and Marin’s second kid was born in 1989 and her name is Jacqie Campos. After that, they welcomed a son Michael Marin in 1991.

All of the children became part of the enteirtainment industry, just like their mother. The younger ones took part in different television series, both in Spanish and English.

Present relationships


Chiquis, the firstborn daughter of Trino and Jenni, forgave her father after everything. While the hearing was ongoing, she announced that she because him for all of his actions. He is her father and she still loves him no matter what. That can never be denied.

Marin has a second wife, but there is no further information about it in the media. A few years ago, Marin’s brother confirmed that his health is just fine and that he is still suffering in jail.