The Importance of Product Tutorials for Your Business

Nothing is more disappointing than purchasing a product and then understanding that you don’t know how to utilize it. The scenario might be just as distressing for a company that sells a product or service. If your customer does not understand how to employ a product they buy from you, they will not realize its value, which will most likely end in your business failure.

This is why product tutorials are an important part of your company’s digital marketing strategy and customer support mix. You may use them to educate your target audience about your product or service at every stage of the buyer’s journey. At the same time, software tutorial videos are an important part of your company’s customer service. They will assist your clients in overcoming any obstacles while also making them feel supported by your company. But is there anything else that makes product tutorials a must-have for companies that want to achieve success in their business niche? Let’s dig deeper.

What Are the Advantages of Product Tutorials for Businesses?


Product tutorials may help your business in many different ways. When people need to learn how to do anything, they frequently go for a simple how-to video or article. In reality, 69 percent of people prefer to learn about a product or service by viewing a video, according to Wyzowl. Meanwhile, 18% would prefer to read a text-based article or blog post.

By making these self-service materials available to your target audience, you may increase traffic to your company’s website and perhaps attract new customers while winning the trust of existing ones. Product tutorials will help you market your company as an authority in your industry, and by proactively answering typical inquiries of your customers, you lessen the effort of your support team, especially if you consider a buyer persona when creating this type of content.

Getting the Max out of Product Tutorials

The success of any eCommerce business is very much dependent on web video content. A successful company must find a method to create video content that both entertains and educates its audience in a way that persuades them to convert. Product tutorials accomplish this goal. If you’re still hesitant about the effectiveness of product training videos, here are a couple of reasons why you should definitely invest in video tutorial production.

Of course, the best products are often made simple, even for tech-savvy people. But before you can design a killer product, you must first design a killer tutorial for your product. And here is what you can get in return. With modern video editing apps, it is no longer a problem to create all-covering and interesting-to-watch product tutorials.

#1 – Tutorials Make Your Users More Confident With Your Product


Imagine you create a beautiful app for your business, and this app crashes all the time. You might think that the problem lies with your development team. But actually, the problem may lie with your users who do not know how to use it properly and lack info in a product description.

But if you create a tutorial for your app, the problem is easily solved. Your users can then follow the outlined steps to configure and use your application just as expected. In this case, your audience will trust you and rely on your product better. On the other hand, if there’s no tutorial, your users might think that your product is faulty and full of bugs. This hardly adds value and markets your company well.

#2 – Tutorials Increase the Chances of a Good Rating

Apple has set a requirement that you’ve to rate your app at least 4.0 out of 5 stars. But if you have a tutorial, then your chances of getting a 5-star rating are far greater. Why? Everything is easy? Thanks to product tutorials, your customers get a clear understanding of what your product has to offer and how to get the max out of using it. They can also get engaged with your content if you approach its production wisely – from selecting music for your marketing video to inviting KOL’s.

#3 – Tutorials Have a Positive Effect on Your Sales

If your product is great, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get more users and increase sales. The only problem is that most of those users won’t know how to use your product. That’s where your tutorial comes in. It will make your users more confident with your product and make a user journey smooth. As a result, more people will purchase from you in the future and advise your product to others.

#4 – Tutorials Remove Unnecessary Customer Inquiries


While every online retailer values its clients, customer inquiries are a small business’ greatest nightmare. During peak seasons, you can’t afford to squander 20-30 minutes of your day on the phone or replying to emails discussing the nuances of a product or its advantages over a competitor. But this is definitely something that a product tutorial can do for you and improve your customer experience.

Types of Tutorial Videos to Consider

There are different types of tutorial videos that you may utilize in your business. Let’s shed some light on key product tutorial types that should definitely be a part of your multimedia portfolio.

Video Training with an Instructor

This is a digital replica of the traditional classroom environment. Instructor-led lesson videos are better suited for more difficult products or topics. E-learning videos for employees are frequently used to discuss industry difficulties, solutions, and the advantages of a certain product or program. Google’s digital courses are excellent instances of this type of tutorial. They not only show you how to conduct certain activities on their platforms step by step, but they also have an instructor who talks about the industry and the benefits of utilizing their products. All of the benefits of traditional training classes are available when using instructor-led videos but at a far cheaper cost. It aids in the development of relationships with your target audience by offering more detailed information about your services.

Product Presentations

Close-up recordings of people using products, showing their features, or interfaces are common in product demos. For example, you can record your screen on Windows or Mac to show how to make use of a particular feature of your program or online service. This approach is far more interactive than instructor-led webinars, which frequently dive deep into excessively technical details. As a rule, such videos are straight to the point and incredibly beneficial for customer support reasons since they may address frequent inquiries that don’t need decision-making. In case you do not know how to make product video presentations, then there are a lot of product demo examples that you can check and be inspired by.

User-Generated Videos


As the name suggests, this type of educational video is created by users rather than a marketing or corporate employee. It’s simple: users have faith in one another. That is why, before using or purchasing a product, we always seek reviews and user feedback. The same is true for video content. We trust user-generated material far more than company employees. Therefore, user-generated videos are excellent for establishing connections and improving brand awareness. If your customers make screen recording on Mac while using your digital product and then post tutorial videos online, reach out to them and distribute them on your support channels.

Wrapping up!

Creating quality product tutorials is a long, challenging, but exciting journey, which definitely has a lot to offer. So if you approach it responsibly and stick to video marketing tips, you will get a lot in return. Satisfied customers, boosted referral traffic, brand recognition, and balanced work of your customer support – these are just some of the benefits that you can count on.